Cottage News 2014 Opening 

With the 2013 opening season over we’re looking forward to 2014.

Once again we hope to open over the summer. On weekends and bank holidays between Easter and September.

We are also open to groups that want guided tours and lectures on local Rossendale and national industrial history over the whole year. If you want a tour please contact us and we’ll see what we can do.
The place is constantly changing and members and friends are welcome to join in and help, in particular with staffing at weekends.  

The Cottage has always been a good place to meet people who are interested in history and environmental matters. We have many a good lively debate over the proverbial cup of tea - currently a wide selection of speciality teas, too.         Souvenirs

We try to have a good selection of souvenirs and local books on sale, including bits and pieces made here on the looms.  

Any local groups with products to sell for their funds are welcome to contact us and we will put them on display.